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Alison Nagasue


Alison Nagasue began hunting rocks as a child in front of her home as a form of

entertainment and discovery. The passion and inquisitiveness continue today with

her constant exploration of new design directions and materials.

After receiving her MFA in Metalsmithing from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Alison

began her journey of building a namesake collection of her own aesthetics while

designing for jewelry companies. Her capacity was in design, product

development, appearing on HSN, QVC and Shop Channel Japan with her own

collections. The initial collection which continues to be offered today is her

Signature Ginkgo Collection for which she has won 8 out of 10 Design Awards.

Besides the Ginkgo leaf as her core inspiration, she explores nature themes in

terms of animals, flowers, insects, the spectrum of natural gemstones and colors

to enrich her designs.

A new collaboration with a talented female lapidary artist in Canada began in

2019 to develop Australian Lightning Ridge opal rough and custom cut into ginkgo

leaves, firefly tails, dragonfly wings and hearts. Opals have become a favorite

universally and this was a new way to work with the beautiful gemstone and

create the Opaliscious Collection.

All in all, Alison delivers wearable, unique branded designer luxury jewelry which

is made in NYC. She selects every gemstone, works hands on with her expert

jewelers to achieve beautiful, artistic and heritage jewelry. Feel the luxury in

Alison Nagasue jewelry.

Custom designs offered upon request.

Various rings modelled on 6 fingers in fists
Deco Chainmail cuff with gold and diamonds
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