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Our mission is to deliver excellence in design and manufacturing. All jewelry items go through a quality assurance process that meet our rigorous standards. Clients are confident that all jewelry is marked with the industry standard of type and quality of metal (example: 18K) with my trademark and copyright sign. Our gemstones are natural except where indicated. Many of the gemstones we use in our designs are one of a kind, have natural inclusions and are used deliberately for these characteristics. The natural flaws are a feature to enrich our designs in keeping with unenhanced natural beauty. 

All of our jewelry is made to order and therefore not returnable. All jewelry is shipped insured for damages and we will address any issues in this instance. All questions and concerns should be directed to us immediately upon receipt. When we size a ring, we are depending on your accurate information. Should you have supplied us with inaccurate information, we will be happy to receive back from you and charge a nominal fee to repair and reship. Client is responsible to cover the insured return and redelivery shipping costs. Contact us anytime for further information.

All custom design work is not returnable. Once you have made the required 50% deposit towards the total cost of the jewelry and we begin to process production, you will forfeit the deposit if you cancel. You will be accessed to approve the initial sketch which then proceeds to final hand drawing once deposit is received, approved again, then CAD/modelmaking approval, and then into production. You will receive with your finished jewelry the original final design rendering signed and our appraisal for the replacement value. All details will be included in the appraisal with a photo. We are not a licensed appraiser, however, we will document all of the materials, weights of gemstones, metals and other details if available. This will enhance your ability to insure your jewelry with your own insurance company.

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